Research confirms that dinosaurs were just really ugly people

8Lead paleontologist at the University of Chicago, Dr. Robert Coleman, reported at a recent press conference that animals of the clade Dinosauria were nothing more than just really ugly people.

Dr. Coleman stated that his research team looked at countless renditions of dinosaurs and pictures of common day ugly people. “We just couldn’t tell a difference between them,” Dr. Coleman reported. “I mean, we looked at a lot of pictures. Eventually we just made it into a game; you had to randomly pick a picture from the stack and guess whether you thought it was a dinosaur or an ugly person. If you got it wrong you had to take a shot. We got pretty drunk.” Other leading paleontologists also chimed in by saying, “It’s not everyday that you get to see empirical research of this caliber,” and,  ”well that makes sense, no wonder they’re extinct.”


*Image 1 attribution
“Flickr dinosaur” by rob pickin.


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