Demon in the back seat?

jNew developments unfold regarding the story of Ebony Wilkerson, the mother of three who drove her and her children into the ocean. Police are currently investigating her claim that she was protecting her children from “demons.”

Lead detective, Gary Mansell, told sources, “If that piece of crap minivan was mine, I’d drive it into the ocean too.” Once he realized he was on the record, he  stated, “Oh shit, oops.”

After discussing how the minivan really is a piece of shit, he went on to say that he has spoken to local demons to verify her story. “I questioned one demon and he seemed pretty convinced that this was the work of his friend Charlie.”  The demon being questioned stated, “Yep, that’s totally something Charlie would do.”

Detective Mansell has not been able to locate Charlie and he fears that Charlie may have returned to Hell for safe-haven.

Detective Mansell concluded by stating that the three children are also suspects, as any of them could be posing as a demon. In order to verify their authenticity as humans, he told sources that he plans to “torture the fuck outta them.”

*Image attribution
“Flickr Car stuck in the surf” by Alan Vernon is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

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