Little Diggers Archeology Program saves Mississippi six million dollars

pSources at the University of Mississippi’s School of Medicine stated that decisions have been made regarding their plans for the approximate 2,000 recently discovered graves.

Exhuming the approximate 2,000 graves would cost the state of Mississippi nearly six million dollars; in order to circumvent this, the Mississippi School Board (MSB) has creatively devised an alternate way to exhume the graves at no cost, all while helping the state’s elementary school children learn about the field of archeology.

the Little Diggers Archeology Program was initiated to help the children learn “interesting” and “valuable” skills. Approximately 6,000 kindergarteners from the state’s 1,097 elementary schools have already arrived at the gravesite. Each student will be provided with a shovel, a pick, and a 6oz canteen of water. The children will be instructed to “find the underground people.” Due to the overwhelming number of children and lack of supervision, an 18 ft tall fence was constructed around the perimeter of the gravesite, which should help to ensure the children’s safety and prevent them from wandering off.

School superintendents stated that, “along with learning first hand experience about being an archeologist, the students will learn the value of teamwork. Plus, the physical exercise they are getting is far greater than what they get at recess.”

Since young children often lack the necessary focus and motivation to complete long-term projects, all of the children’s basic necessities, such as food, water, clothes, sleeping bags, and tents, were randomly placed in 30 out of the 2,000 coffins. Superintendents said that this “should help boost their motivation to get the job done.”

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Flickr Diggin in the Dirt_2” by Kevin Colvin

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