Local grandmother waits 32 years at DMV

grandma smallLocal grandmother, Annie Pop, has been patiently waiting to renew her driver’s license at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) since June, 28, 1982. Although there has been an obvious glitch in the system, Mrs. Pop waits patiently in the back row clenching her ticket, which reads “You’re #32 – We’ll Be With You Shortly!” Sources reported that the ticket counter currently reads 15,386,202.

When DMV personal were asked about Mrs. Pop’s longstanding presence, they stated, “Who? Oh the old lady in the back! She’s so sweet! She’s here everyday, just sitting and smiling. She must have nothing better to do, we kind of feel bad for her.”

Since 1982, the DMV has been renovated three times and fumigated six times. On each of these occasions, Mrs. Pop patiently waited outside in her 1968 Pontiac Bonneville until she was able to reenter the building.

Local police are also aware of her situation, as she has received $17,356.29 in parking ticket violations. Police Chief, William Baade, stated, “As soon as that old lady gets in her car and turns the key, we’re gonna nail her for so much stuff.” Chief Baade reported that “her car has an expired tag, violates emission standards, doesn’t meet the current safety standards, and not to mention her parking violations have accumulated so much so that it is now classified as a felony. I’m pretty sure the death penalty is off the table, but she’ll likely do 20 to life, if she’s lucky.” Chief Baade concluded by saying, “I’ve allocated 20% of my best officers to watch her car around the clock; never underestimate the old ones, they’re the sneakiest.”

 Image attribution:
Flickr My grandmother looking happy.” by ngg.

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