Local man becomes more lost with GPS

gpsLocal 26-year-old resident, Preston Peterson, told sources that he is “really fucking confused.” Apparently, Mr. Peterson purchased a new handheld GPS device, which he attempted to use to navigate to a new local restaurant.

Mr. Peterson was excited to learn that his new GPS came with an available “walking” option. Although he planned on going to this new restaurant on foot, he told sources, “Well, I was going to put it on the walking option, but walking places always takes longer than driving. So, even though I’m still going to walk, why wouldn’t I put it on the faster driving option? This thing is silly!!”

As soon as Mr. Peterson left his apartment complex, he sensed something was unusual. The GPS directed Mr. Peterson to the left, following the primary one way street outside of his apartment complex. Although he knew the new restaurant was somewhere in the vicinity of three blocks to the right, he was adamant about taking the faster driving route. He stated, “Well, I know the restaurant is right down there,” as he pointed to the right. “Wait, oh yeah, I can see the sign for it in between those trees; that place is a lot closer than I thought.” Despite this, Mr. Peterson wanted to “get there quickly” and stuck to the faster driving route.

After walking 3.2 miles in the opposite direction of the restaurant, Mr. Peterson was directed to the on-ramp of highway 287 North. As he was walking down the side of highway 287, he reported, “Man, I wish some of my friends came with me, we would’ve used the HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lane.”

Once he exited the highway 4.2 miles later, he was reportedly “pretty tired.” Given that the restaurant was already closed, and his GPS battery died, he decided to check into a local hotel.

When asked about the whole ordeal, Mr. Peterson stated, “Well I sure learned my lesson, next time I’ll give myself at least a day and a half to get there. Plus, can you imagine walking all that way without a GPS for directions?! This thing is a life saver!!”

Image attribution:
Flickr Funny Signs” 
by Doug Wheller. This image has not been altered.

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