Is laughter really the best medicine?

doctorFamily practitioner, Eric Hale, M.D., is currently being investigated by the American Medical Association (AMA) due to numerous legal and ethical violations as well as unconventional medical practices.

The AMA reported that the medical status of all 95 of his patients has significantly declined. Apparently, laughter, which has been coined as the best medicine, is Dr. Hale’s first line of treatment against various illnesses, such as rheumatoid arthritis, pneumonia, dementia, and many other bacterial and viral illnesses.

One of his patients, Melissa Hampton, was diagnosed with radiculopathy, which is severe lower back pain due to spinal nerve compression. Ms. Hampton reported that after Dr. Hale diagnosed her with this condition, he told her several knock-knock jokes. Dr. Hale then issued an MRI to see if her condition improved. When the imaging results revealed no change in spinal nerve compression, he provided her with several at home treatments, such as reading the funny papers each morning.

Ms. Hampton also stated that he doesn’t even write prescriptions, he just gives you a post-it note with a happy face on it. Local pharmacists confirmed that Dr. Hale hasn’t prescribed an actual medication in nearly two decades. Ms. Hampton is also having difficulty understanding her $2,800 medical bill, which reportedly accepts “hugs” as an alternative form of payment.


Image attribution:
Flickr physician recruiters” by Integro Healthcare.

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