Army wife loses 100 lbs, now files for divorce

return homeIn reference to CNN’s recent article, Military wife drops 100 pounds to surprise husband, Misty Shaffer is now filing to divorce her husband, Larry Shaffer. Apparently, she weighed 260 lbs when her soon to be ex-husband left for Afghanistan in 2012. Upon his recent return to the United States, she greeted him weighing 155 lbs, having lost over 100 lbs.

Upon seeing her, the first thing Mr. Shaffer said was, “Lorraine, what the heck are you doing here, my wife is gonna see you! We’ll meet up at the hotel later.” Although Misty was at first confused, she slowly pieced together that her husband was having an affair with Lorraine Powe, her long-term friend who looks very much like a skinny version of herself.

Mr. Shaffer told sources, “Wow, I really thought that was Lorraine. I bet if Lorraine put on 100 lbs she’d look just like fat Misty. Well, at least neither of them know about Janice or Susan.” He concluded by saying, “I’m really glad you guys aren’t going to print this.”

Image attribution:
Flickr Soldier returns to Panama home” 
by The U.S. Army.

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