Monitor Drones created to police existing drones

POLICE Drone 5With the recent advancements in drone technology, such as being able to steal what’s on your phone, the National Security Agency (NSA) has created a subset of drones, called Monitor Drones, which will police the already existing drones.

These Monitor Drones will not only record all of the information that the existing drones collect, but will tap into the public’s cell phones, email accounts, and all other private sources of information to make sure the existing drones have not violated the public’s First Amendment rights.

A record of all the information that the Monitor Drones collect will be frequently monitored and analyzed by the NSA to ensure that the already existing drones are functioning in accordance with the United States Constitution.


Based on CNN’s article:
This drone can steal what’s on your phone,” 
by Erica Fink. March 20, 2014.

Image attribution:
Flickr PD*16104659,” by Cason Snow.

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