Georgia high school allows racially integrated prom

8590056386_4bfbf6afcc_zAs per CNN’s recent article, Georgia school hosts first racially integrated prom, Wilcox County High School students decided, for the first time in decades, to allow blacks and whites to share the same dance floor. Traditionally, the county has held “racially segregated parties known to most as ‘white prom’ and ‘black prom.'”

Although the citizens feel that this is a “major step forward” in racial equality, the citizens of Wilcox County apparently never received the memo, which was sent out nearly 50 years ago describing the details of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, ending all state and local laws requiring segregation.

Wilcox County officials admitted that they have not checked their memos in nearly 50 years, and have “a couple million to catch up on.”

In addition to not receiving the memo ending all segregation related laws, Wilcox County officials were not aware that the current President of the United States is African-American. When alerted to the recent events in Wilcox County, GA, President Obama stated that this small town would be an excellent candidate for nuclear arms testing and/or “the first place to go” should the US ever be invaded.



Source: Georgia school hosts first racially integrated prom” by Jamie Gumbrecht. April 4, 2014.

Image attribution:
Flickr Racial Segregation 1954” by BMaster90. This image was not altered.

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