Israel launches spy satellite, tells everyone about it

5187724513_c8312d0afa_z (2)ABC News recently published an article reporting that Israel’s Defense Ministry successfully launched their first observation spy satellite into orbit. Israeli sources reported that following the press conference, the Defense Ministry immediately regretted disclosing this information to the public.

Current Prime Minister of Defense, David Ben-Gurion, now believes that telling the world about their spy satellite may comprise it’s ability to secretly monitor foreign nations. He also believes that revealing the technical details about their new satellite, as depicted in the image above, may also compromise its stealth capabilities. The diagram in question breaks down the major functions of the satellite, shows how it acquires data, and even describes how to disable the satellite remotely.

Iran and other nations have yet to respond, but intelligence sources have confirmed that several Middle Eastern countries have been mobilizing and readying their ballistic missile arsenals. Even Mr. Ben-Gurion stated, “We acquired our first images of Iran! Look, they’re prepping their ballistic missiles! Our images are so detailed and precise that we can even tell that the missiles are directed in the general vicinity of our satellite! This thing is awesome.”

Experts believe that the satellite will destroyed by tomorrow.



Source: Israel Launches New Spy Satellite” by Jerusalem. April 10, 2014.

Image attribution:
Flickr Satelite Glory – Infographic (2010) by Gerson Mora.

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