United States gives Ukraine tactical advantage by providing aid


As the fighting between Ukraine’s military and pro-Russian factions continues, Ukrainian forces look to their allies for assistance.

As reported by Fox News in the article entitled, “US sending helmets, other non-lethal aid to Ukraine,” the United States plans to send Ukrainian forces aid packages consisting of helmets and sleeping bags.

Many United States political leaders, however, feel that this is not enough. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, said the U.S. should be providing the Ukraine military lethal aid in the form of weapons and combat equipment.

Despite this, Ukrainian military leaders told sources that the aid packages containing helmets and sleeping bags will undoubtably give them a specific tactical advantage.

One Ukrainian soldier stated, “Those sleeping bags will really help. Have you ever gotten a REALLY good nights sleep? If you haven’t, trust me, you’re much better at killing the next day.”

Another soldier stated that receiving additional helmets will greatly improve their chances at fending off Russian forces; “Just look back in history, every country that ever won a war had more helmets than their enemies. Helmets equal power and power equals winning wars, it’s that simple.”

Although Russian forces have not responded to this or altered their military strategies, many Ukrainian officials have stated that “one should never underestimate a well-rested Ukrainian soldier with semi-decent head protection.”


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FoxNews.com: US sending helmets, other non-lethal aid to Ukraine” by Fox News & The Associated Press. April 17, 2014.

Image attribution:
Flickr War” by Moyan Brenn. This image was not altered.


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