Local boy experiences first signs of Easter


Local five-year old boy, Toby Craven (pictured on left) , recently experienced the first signs of Easter.

While shopping at Costco Wholesale with his parents, Toby found an unmarked lot of 6,800 Easter eggs. Toby and his parents immediately “claimed” the eggs for themselves and “wouldn’t let any other customers near the produce section.”

His parents told sources, “OK, we’re glad Costco is participating this Easter, but the eggs were pretty much just sitting out in plain sight for anyone to find. They could have at least hidden them a little better, like in the home cleaning section or maybe in the back stockroom.” They further stated, “Plus, the eggs weren’t even decorated. Costco really dropped the ball on that one.”


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Image attribution:
Flickr IMG_0122″ by tina_hiatt’s. This image was not altered.



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