Extremely energetic man will ‘kind of’ be missed


2471405634_25caf37ff0_oJames Hayden, that extremely annoying and overly happy guy that everyone seems to know, recently told sources that he is  “super stoked about life.” In order to make sure sources understood how “stoked” he was, he verbally added emojicons to the conversation by saying, “Super happy face!! Super happy face!! Super happy face!!”

After doing a few backflips and high-fiving everyone in the vicinity, he told sources that later that day he plans on banzai skydiving, which involves throwing the parachute out of the plane first and then jumping after it. When sources mentioned how dangerous this seems, he screamed “YOLO!!!”

Following his attempt at banzai skydiving, it became apparent that Mr. Hayden was not familiar with was the less used, but equally important phrase, “YODO.” His funeral is scheduled for later this week. Friends and family members reported that his death is “sad,” but that “he was pretty annoying” and “nobody’s going to lose any sleep over it.”




Image attribution:
Flickr photo.jpg” by Dave Hoekstra. This image was not altered.


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