Who loves us the most…?

Two of our followers, Brandon Hanson and Logan Triplett, recently contacted us to let us know that they each love us more than the other. To determine who loves us the most, we proposed they fight until death. They whined and complained about this though, like dying is a big deal or something.

Instead, Daily Potato News has set up a number of challenges for them to compete in:

  1. Who can collect the most acorns over the next 18 hours
  2. Who can be the first one to legally change their name to Esmeralda Pachaka
  3. And for the final challenge…the first one to travel back to 1992 and figure out what happened to my lost pair of car keys

Good luck and whatever the results may be…well, never mind, we kinda lost interest while writing this and don’t really care anymore.


Categories: Articles

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