Thief having second thoughts about robbery


Long time thief, Vito Bradley (pictured on left with his grandparents), recently told sources that he’s “not sure if he’s going to rob Esmeralda’s,” a local jewelry store. Mr. Bradley told sources, “I mean I’ve mapped it all out and everything. I know their security code, I’ve got copy of the master-key, and I even know where they keep the really expensive stuff, but it just seems kind of wrong. I mean, technically, it’s not my stuff.”

When asked how he obtained a copy of the master-key and the store’s security code, Mr. Bradley told sources that the jewelry store is owned and operated by his grandparents. He stated, “I mean I love grams and gramps and all that, but they’re way to trusting. Plus, it’s not like they’ll go homeless or anything if I rob them. They may even think it’s funny! I know I sure do.”

After thoroughly discussing the matter with sources, Mr. Bradley decided that he’d “sleep on it.” He said that he’s “like 100% sure he going to do it, but thought it would be best to make his final decision tomorrow.”


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Image attribution:
Flickr Grandparents & I” by Ryan Ruppe. This image was not altered.

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