Couple fighting since 1984

2417107795_96b2983f55_zBrad and Tonya Barnes have been fighting since July 23, 1984 (pictured on left moments after the fight began).  Although they remain married and still live together, neither Brad nor Tonya have spoken to one another since the fight began and still refuse to admit any wrongdoing or offer the other an apology.

Brad told sources, “I think we started fighting over who ate the last piece of lasagna. I’m really not sure. Maybe it was about leaving the lights on? No, it was definitely the lasagna.”

After Tonya heard Brad’s comments, which was impossible not to hear given that she was standing right next to him, Tonya told the reporter, “Does Brad think this is about the lasagna?! Yes, that asshole did eat the last piece but that’s not what this fight is about. I’m not saying anything else until he remembers what he did.”

Sources believe that Tonya also has no idea what the fight is about, but is not willing to admit it and is waiting until Brad thinks of something wrong that he did during 1984 so that he can formally apologize. It is also expected that if this fight is not resolved, it will be passed down to their two children who will continually fight about lasagna for the duration of their lives.


How are we doing?? We’ll cook you dinner if you give us a good rating.




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“Flickr” This image was not altered.




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  1. Am new to this site, but so far I like what I’m seeing! Keep it up for as long as the Barnes fight continues!

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