Blind American to kayak from Cuba to Florida

Peter Crowley

As per CNN’s recent article (click here for full story), Peter Crowley, a legally blind American, plans to paddle over 100 miles from Cuba to Florida by way of the Florida Straights.

Although Mr. Crowley’s family members are impressed by his courage and dedication to attempt such a feat, they told sources, “There’s no way we are going to let him do this. I mean really, HE’S BLIND.”

When asked how they plan to stop Mr. Crowley, one of his family members told sources, “Oh no, we’re not stopping him. We’re just going to trick him. See, we took him down to our YMCA, put him in his kayak, and then just let him loose in the pool.” Another family member stated that they “hired a mariachi band” to play “Cuban-like music” at the pool as he started his journey. His family members reported that this worked and that Mr. Crowley “really thought he was in Cuba.”

Mr. Crowley’s family members stated that after a few days they would start throwing oranges at him so that he thinks he’s nearing Florida. They also hired a United States Immigration and Customs Officer who will ask for his passport to let him into the country.


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Image & Source: Legally Blink American Attempting To Paddle From Cuba To Florida On Kayak” by EFE. April 27, 2014.


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