NY Rep. indicted on federal fraud, tax charges


As reported by FoxNews.com, NY Rep. Grimm was recently indicted on federal fraud and tax charges (click here for the 30 page indictment). As pictured to the left, Rep. Grimm asked the cameramen to take a picture of him while he “makes his angry bear face,” which he hopes will scare the prosecuting attorneys into lessening the charges against him.

In order to ensure that our readers properly understand the indictment (here is a second link in case you were too lazy to click the first one), we require that you take the following quiz. In order to pass you must answer 100% of the questions correctly. If you fail, we will come over to your house and slap you in the face. Should you decide not to take this quiz, we will revoke your internet privileges forever and also come over and slap you in the face.

 Source & Image attribution:
Foxnews.com: NY Rep. Grimm indicted on federal fraud, tax charges” by FoxNews.com. April 28, 2014.


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  1. Save time, just turn the Capital Building into a jail.

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