Politician mistakenly does not approve his own TV ad campaign


Kenneth Lapine, a local politician seeking re-election, mistakenly “botched” his own television ad campaign. Sources stated that the filming of the re-election ad was going smoothly until the end of the ad, when Mr. Lapine accidentally stated, “I’m Kenneth Lapine and I do not approve this message.”

Mr. Lapine told sources that he was not provided with any cue cards during the filming of the ad for assistance, and that it was “virtually impossible” to remember everything exactly the way he was supposed to say it. He then told sources, “I knew I was supposed to either approve or not approve it, but at the time I honestly couldn’t remember which, so I just took a guess. I mean it makes sense to me now that I would approve my message, but at the time it was all just going so fast.”

Although the ad can no longer be used, sources speculate that Mr. Lapine will likely win re-election, mainly because he is the only one running. In addition, a recent poll indicated that nobody knows who he is nor do they really care.


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Image attribution:
Flickr Spencer Chandra Herbert” by Mike.


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