The truth about storm drains

8386219208_0be820a9ba_bNot only are storm drains ominous, but it is virtually impossible to know what you’ll find beneath them.

Many suspect that you would find items which might slip through the grates, such as lost coins, papers, or really skinny children. In order to investigate this, our reporters set out to uncover the truth about what’s actually beneath storm drains.

The following pie chart shows the six most common things found beneath storm drains by their rate of occurrence:


Our sources also found several members of the Jersey Shore cast, but we really have no clue how Snookie slipped through those tiny cracks



Image attribution:
Flickr Storm Drain Grate” by Scott Hart. This image was not altered.

Image attribution:
2012 Summer Olympics” This image was not altered. Seriously, she really looks like that.


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  1. Encouraged by your post, yesterday I took a flashlight, inspected a storm drain, and saw an NFL mock draft.

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  2. Hey, the raccoons in my neighborhood are pretty cheery folks. Also hungry.

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