Drunk policeman makes odd arrest


Police officer, Daniel Krueger (on left), reportedly made an odd arrest while at a local bar last Tuesday. Bar patrons stated that Mr. Krueger was heavily intoxicated when he noticed a man across the room acting erratically. Mr. Krueger stated that as he approached the man, the man also approached him in an “intimidating fashion.” Mr. Krueger told sources that he tried talking to the man but he was unable to do so because the man kept talking at the same time. He then tried to grab the man to calm him down but the man simultaneously tried to grab him. At this point Mr. Krueger cuffed the man and put him into the back of his police cruiser.

Bar tender, Landon Smith, told sources, “It was pretty awesome. The guy arrested himself. I don’t how it all happened, but he saw himself in our wall mirror on the other side of the bar and just went over there and started yelling at himself. He tried grabbing himself in the mirror a few times and then just got really confused. Somehow he wound up handcuffing himself and then led himself outside and put himself in the back of his police car.”

Sources confirmed that Mr. Krueger is still passed out drunk in the back of his police cruiser. Bar patrons also stated that Mr. Krueger read himself the Miranda Rights and allowed himself to make one phone call, which he used to call himself and left a message for himself to come bail himself out of jail.


Image attribution:
Flickr Officer Benderoth” by skaskali.


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