CNN corrects mistake, did anyone else notice? recently posted an article entitled, “Junco: What’s the big deal about sexting?” by Rey Junco. If you CLICK HERE for the link to the article, you’ll notice that the following picture is featured for the article:



The picture located above, however, was not the original picture posted online. Located to the left is a screen shot taken when the article was first published. After just a few short hours this was changed to the picture located above of our friend sexting in a green shirt. We’re assuming that CNN received a plethora of emails entitled, “Sexting is fine, but what’s that crazy ass bitch doing sexting while driving?!” We feel that it’s possible that this woman is sexting with our friend in the green shirt. Because we cannot see his face and thus his identity is unknown, we recommend that you approach any man you see who is texting and wearing a green shirt and politely ask him to “stop sexting the CNN lady, she’s probably going to get in an accident.” Based on the man’s reaction, you’ll know if you’ve asked the right person or not.




Image and source attribution: Junco: What’s the big deal about sexting?” by Rey Junco. The images were not altered.


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  1. If I come across this man wearing the green tee, then fuck the bitch in the car, I’m gonna keep him for myself. Can you seen the muscular arm..!!!

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