Breaking News: Courtney Stodden initiates peace talks


Fox News recently interrupted their worldwide coverage on current events to air a highly specialized and sensitive interview. Through a series of 9 innovative questions asked by prolific journalists, the information acquired in this interview should help to resolve the Russian/Ukranian conflict, as well as offer hope for the citizens in Thailand who are currently under martial law. It was just reported that this exclusive interview is currently being analyzed and discussed by President Obama and the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the White House Situation Room.

About the interviewee: Courtney Stodden is a Pulitzer Prize winning humanitarian who has acquired several Nobel Prizes over the course of her lifetime. Her words in the following interview are highly insightful and should help to further peace talks on a global scale.


Image attribution:
Flickr Breaking News Special Report” by Harrity. This image was not altered.


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