Local grandmother visits Adult Video Store in search of The Wizard of Oz


Local grandmother, Mrs. Anna Betz, recently decided to purchase the all-time classic, The Wizard of Oz, for her granddaughter’s birthday.  She reportedly took the #32 Metro-Transit bus to a video store which she had previously seen on her way to her weekly bingo party. Although Mrs. Betz was told that this was “not that kind of store,” she insisted that she would look through all the DVDs on her own just to be certain that they didn’t have her film.

Sources reported that she has found several similarly titled films, such as The Wizard of Porn and The Yellow Brick Brothel; however, she continues to adamantly search among their 700+ XXX movies. Mrs. Betz was also confused to find several DVDs of what she believed to be the munchkins featured in the film; however, it appeared as though she wandered into the “Dwarf Porn” section. Although she will likely not find The Wizard of Oz, Mrs. Betz will not leave empty-handed; she has found several scented lotions, oils, and a cute little nurse costume that she will also give her granddaughter.


Image attribution:
Flickr Love Song” by Trapingus Parish.


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