The Onion: Update on article, ‘High School Student, Teacher Applying For Same Summer Waitressing Job’

A recent special report from The Onion, entitled “High School Student, Teacher Applying For Same Summer Waitressing Job” (see video below), stated that high school student, Marissa Klemp, and her former chemistry teacher, Rebecca Murphy, both applied for the same summer waitressing job. Our sources were recently informed that both Marissa and Ms. Murphy obtained waitressing positions; however, Marissa was quickly promoted to assistant manager due to her diligent and efficient work style. Although there are several months left of summer, sources have confirmed that Marissa, who now oversees the hiring process, recently terminated Ms. Murphy’s employment at the restaurant. Marissa told sources that Ms. Murphy “just wasn’t cutting it” and that she was “very disappointed in her ability to get tasks done in a timely manner.” Marissa told Ms. Murphay that the restaurant industry was “not for her” and that she should seek out other summer vocational opportunities. It is also rumored that Marissa wrote a “pretty shoddy” letter of recommendation for Ms. Murphy.

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  1. Restaurant business servers must be available all times as may changes in work schedule.

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  2. Here in Miami as teacher I used to run behind those garbage trucks for the city in the summer. Teachers work 37 weeks and get paid for 40 no pay for 12 weeks. Then I opted for 12 month pay spread out and no more garbage trucks.

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