Local father purchases daughter first car


Local father, John Brant, told sources that he plans to purchase his 17 year-old daughter her first car. He stated that it is becoming increasingly difficult to drive her to and from all her after-school activities and that she is responsible and ready for this type of commitment. Mr. Brant was set on buying her a reliable and safe used 2007 Toyota Camry (pictured on left); with only 42,000 miles and a price tag of $14,000, he considered it a steal.




Mr. Brant was all set to buy the used Camry for his daughter until he read an interesting article on Fox News, entitled, “Huge arsenal of military vehicles being auctioned in July.” What caught his eye was an M4A3E2 Assault Tank (pictured on left), which as you can imagine, has additional safety features that the Toyota Camry simply cannot offer. Although the M4A3E2 is a bit pricier than the Camry (expected to auction for $220,000), Mr. Brant told sources that “you can’t put a price on safety.”


In order to determine which vehicle is the better value, Mr. Brant conducted the following side-by-side comparison:

Toyota Camry M4A3E2 Assault Tank
Year 2007 1944
Mileage 14,000 Unknown
Fuel Unleaded Gasoline Diesel
Engine 4-Cylinder 1 x Ford GAA 8-Cylinder 4-Cycle 60 Degree
Horsepower 112 500
Top Speed 102 mph 22 mph
Weight 3,190 lbs 41.9 tons
Armament None 1 x 75 mm main gun
1 x .50 caliber anti-aircraft heavy machine gun
1 x .30 caliber coaxial machine gun
1 x .30 caliber bow-mounted machine gun
1 x smoke mortar
Ammunition None 104 x 75 mm projectiles
300 x 12.7 mm ammunition
4,750 x 7.62 mm ammunition
12 x M3 smoke projectiles



After test driving both vehicles, Mr. Brant is still undecided about which one would be best for his daughter. He said that the Camry was comfortable and he thought that his daughter would appreciate the radio and CD player, but that the M4A3E2 was “solid” and that the anti-aircraft heavy machine gun would really come in handy, especially when stuck in traffic. In addition, Mr. Brant told sources that he is also considering a third option, the Soviet SCUD Launcher (pictured on left). He decided to add this vehicle into the mix because, unlike the other two, it can toss a 1,500 kg nuclear payload approximately 93 miles.


Image 1 attribution:
Novelmotors.com” This image was not altered.

Image 2 and source:
Foxnews.com Huge auction of military vehicles being auctioned in July” This image was not altered.

Image 3 attribution:
Libya PSYOP – 2011” This image was not altered.

Sherman Jumbo” by Millitaryfactory.com

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5 replies

  1. very reliable car! Cannot go wrong with this.


  2. If I was this lucky girl. I would get the best grades, the best lookiny boyfriend, with the very best manners. Everything I needed for free from all of my very very polite friends who do anything for me that I could possibly need. Because I would be the coolest and most amazing person. Or maybe everyone might just die, I wouldn’t be sure.


  3. LMAO, give me the tank, I’ll just roll over traffic. 😛


  4. Military vehicles are nice, but I think the Camry has more cup holders.

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