Driving in a ‘drunk suit’


Fox News recently published an article entitled, “Driving in a ‘drunk suit’.” This article discusses a so-called “drunk suit” that Ford developed, which simulates the effects of intoxication from head to toe.

As stated in the article, “The simple-looking contraption is comprised of unbalanced ankle and wrist weights, braces that restrict the movement of your joints and a pair of Fatal Vision brand “beer goggles” that dazzle and blur your eyesight in a way that mimics the effects of alcohol and drugs. Capping it off is a pair of headphones that impair your hearing and put you further into a sensory bubble.”

Local police initiated a program utilizing this drunk suit to help educate teens on the impact of drinking while driving. Sure enough, when placed behind the wheel, 96% of teens who were fitted with the suit crashed their parent’s vehicles within the first 38 seconds of driving. Although only 12% of these accidents resulted in a fatality, all of the teens were convinced that driving while drunk is “terrifying.”

What police were not expecting was that 4% of the teens drove their cars without any difficulty. It turns out that these teens were highly intoxicated. Apparently they drank copious amounts of alcohol before putting on the drunk suit, and somehow the suit counteracted the effects of the alcohol. Medical doctors stated that it is similar to two negatives equaling a positive. Thus, in addition to teaching teens about the dangers of driving while intoxicated, drunk individuals across the country can now get behind the wheel safely as long as they wear the drunk suit.




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  1. I heard Ford plans to design an entire car around the concept. I believe they’re going to call it the… Rob Ford.


  2. Trying to picture the suit you’d have to wear to counteract the effects of watching FOX TV


  3. Loss of family members to this very tragic part of life.


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