Nissan executives befuddled

1zz0prqTop executives at Nissan recently met to try to understand why consumers have actually purchased the Nissan Cube. As stated by Nissan’s CEO, Carlos Ghosn, “This boxy looking piece of shit really shouldn’t have sold a single unit.”

Apparently, Nissan’s design and styling team was meant to receive the schematics for a sleek-looking two-door car, but due to an interdepartmental mail mix-up, they received an empty cardboard box instead. Team leader of the design and styling team said it seemed odd, but went ahead and designed a car that “really captured the essence of the cardboard box.”

Nissan executives and salesman stated that they hold weekly meetings to look at pictures of the Cube and laugh over coffee and doughnuts.


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  1. They were popular with the Borg however …

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  2. My sentiments exactly. I’ve been driving various Nissan vehicles for several years and though I am a practical person, I cannot see myself buying this “box”. They just crammed all kinds of ugly in the design.


  3. Really enjoyed that you had this article. Whenever my daughter spots a Cube on the road, she just shakes her head and asks, “Why?”

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  4. Funny Post. They are ugly vehicles. I prefer a Dodge Ram myself.


  5. I think you are being a little unfair. Nissan’s Cube was designed by five year old Aitsuko Sakaruba during a ‘Bring your child to work’ event at the styling department. She got given a Furby so she did better out of the whole deal than anyone else…

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    • that’s up for debate. Little Aistuko did attend the bring your child to work day, but our sources have confirmed that she is responsible for designing the entire line of Scion cars. To date, we heard that she’s received 1,298 furbies for her work.

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    • Go ‘Taters!! We’re like the high school football team with no funding, a blind quarterback, and 3 ugly cheerleaders. And to be honest, your Aitsuko comment did have us squirming for a response 🙂


  6. I have a Nissan Cube and enjoy the fact that it is not like the rest. It is equipped to a high standard for what that may be worth yet what appeals to me is that on the UK streets in is almost unique. If one has to have a car then why get a boring stereotype. I say well done to Nissan for making such a cock up! Also I traded in a Kia Soul I had for just 6 months from new for the Cube. The Soul was a lump of shit as it happens. Great post by the way – I never thought, me the old socialist, would end up defending a car as I would the proletariat! Strange old day I guess.

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