Third world children tackle first world problems

8913059266_d93992057b_bA group of five children from Eritrea in Western Africa (pictured on left) have come together to help out underprivileged upper-middle class white adolescents from the United States. The Eritrean children told sources, “We just really want to do something to help, and even though we don’t have running water or food, we’d like to give anything we can to help out those white kids in the US that seem to really be struggling.”

8704569913_bb37c883f4_bThe Eritrean children set up a fund called, “Bobby really wants a new Mustang.” The person they are referring to is 18-year-old Bobby Barron of Los Angeles, California (pictured to left with Mustang he hopes to own). Although Bobby already has a car (a 2002 Toyota Camry), his friends and classmates occasionally make fun of him because it’s a “family car.” Bobby has expressed that it’s “really hard not owning a cool car,” and that he “could probably score with a cheerleader if he had a Mustang.” The Eritrean children stated that they are just really worried about Bobby and hope to raise at least $24,000 for him by the beginning of his junior year.

After helping Bobby, the Eritrean children stated that they plan to help 16-year-old Suzie Martin pay for her $34,000 sweet sixteen “blow-out party.”


Image 1 attribution:
Flickr The Children
by Francesca Di Stefano.

Image 2 attribution:
Flickr Prom Night
by Chad Horwedel.


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  2. That is a sad state if affairs.

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  3. Oy vey! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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  4. Ha! Thanks for following First Night Design!

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  5. is there a web site for me to sign my kids up for aid ?

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  6. How’s THAT for ‘giving back?’ Seems perfectly appropriate…I think I’ll contact that Amazon tribe in the deep jungle for a little donation to help me keep my Club Pogo game pass from being cancelled….so glad I found you Potato! You are the BOMB!

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