Captchas have limited internet usage to Microsoft Word and the calculator

aCaptchas are used to verify that you are an actual person and not an automated program or “bot.” Although they help to limit spam and increase online security, they are becoming increasingly difficult to read. A recent survey indicated that approximately 98% of todays internet users have “no fucking clue what’s written inside that little box.” The other 2% still said they still have no clue, but that they sometimes get the right answer by “blindly mashing their keyboard with their fists a few times.” Many people have tried to circumvent this problem by using the alternative audio option; however, most people report that they can’t understand the automated voice because it’s in a different language (most suspect Cantonese). Given these difficulties, the vast majority of people are not able to do anything useful on the internet such as online shopping or participating in forums, but rather, they have been limited to using only the basic features of their computer, such as Microsoft Word and the calculator.


Image attribution:
Flickr Worst. Captcha. Ever.” by Mark Wahl.

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  1. Another extraordinary benefit of Captchas – you would be deemed to have spent a lot of time on the concerned website/page (while you are attempting the hundredth iteration of the (non)displayed word) by the appropriate spying program and you will start getting more junk mail!

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  2. Aha! Caught You there! I also play a lot of Free Cell because of this! LOL!

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  3. I may have shared your post with 0 human beings, but I’m great because I shared it. I love me a potato who gets the principal of an almost pointless action 🙂 Thank you, for favouriting my tweet. Twitters a pretty lonely place lmao. Have a fantastical day!
    P.s I’ll most likely respond on twitter too as I am a total attention whore.

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  4. Too bad you weren’t able to ask the ‘captcha AUDIO’ users how user-friendly and easy to understand the ‘audio’ alternative is…I suppose many of them are unable to give their opinion from the electro-shock therapy ward over at the mental health institution…that’s because the wifi service takes a major shit anytime there’s a voltage spike, which is probably every few minutes over there…even if you could ask them, it would probably be either a response too difficult to comprehend or a response flagged for FCC indecency violations. Still, it would’ve be been great to know how the numbers stacked up, don’t you think?

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    • Audio option…excellent point. I just revised the post to include that little tid bit 🙂


      • Yay! Do those audio captchas give you the feeling the you are hearing the very voice of Satan himself? If not, maybe I’m the only one he prefers to speak with…you know? I’ve always been a little more ‘special’ than most regular people…extraordinarily so, in some cases.


  5. I wuv you Potato News.

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  6. I am hoping that the first act of a truly sentient and self aware computer will be to apply the mercy rule to people who try ten or more times to enter a captcha’s ^$%!! letters.

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    • Mercy rules may only be applied to those people who survive the self-inflicted gunshot blasts to their heads, which may be administered NO SOONER than attempt #11 BUT no later than EITHER the expiry date stamped on the milk carton ,OR until a well-established green mold colony has overwhelmed ANY bread product that is found in EITHER a room-temperature controlled pantry OR on a sun-beaten counter closest to the western-most facing, solar enhanced, double-pane glass window, whichever occurs first.

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