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Woman excludes approximately 98.2% of the male dating pool by stating that she is looking for a man who is both honest and caring.






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  1. Yep. Though unscientific, it is believed to be true by most of us of the feminine persuasion. Conversely, if she’d allow for ‘douchebag’ as a desired quality, she’d have too much of a selection to draw from…thereby likely giving up entirely…due to the incredible overload of choices that she’d freaking lose her mind and just go ahead and enter a convent with the exclamation, “Ahh, to HELL with THAT!”

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  2. Reblogged this on Antelope Valley College Men's Basketball and commented:
    I know this is not JUCO basketball but this blog just plain funny!

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  3. Me, I normally get through to first interview stage. But then they don’t turn up. Or I catch my case worker making a series of frantic hand signals and the taxi just drives on by. Cradling a puppy in my arms works well up until they realize it has stopped breathing. Just passing on good advice.

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    • We tried the puppy advice. 4 breathless puppies and no second dates yet. We’ll keep trying.

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      • Don’t give up. I’m rooting for you! I suffer from Charm Deficit Syndrome and I’ve never let it hold me back. I fight it. Every day. I fight everyone. Even though I sometimes end up in hospital or prison, If I didn’t fight my CDS then I wouldn’t support this blog. That is how confused I am.



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