‘New Age Tanning’: An organic based company

New Age Tanning is a recently established health and wellness company that offers a new and organic approach to tanning. Current tanning salons use chemical based sprays and artificially induced high impact UV lighting, both of which have been linked to skin cancer.

New Age Tanning offers a completely organic, yet safe, alternative to these unnatural and toxic methods. The concept behind their tanning method is based on harnessing the natural energy of the sun, which they refer to as “sun-power.”

Customers at New Age Tanning will be taken to a comfortable bed in a private room and allowed to choose from the following three tanning options:




Full-Exposure: As pictured, customers receiving this tanning option will lay under a completely translucent sun-powered window, allowing them to receive 100% of the sun’s natural energy (their most expensive tanning option).







Half-Exposure (image depicts outer view of sun-powered window): Due to the semi-translucent nature of the sun-power window, customers choosing this budget friendly option will receive 50% sun-power.






Limited-Exposure: This last option is the least expensive and provides customers with approximately 0% of the sun’s natural energy.




Since its opening, New Age Tanning has been very successful. Following are several customer testimonials:

Suzie Jones, 35: “I love New Age Tanning. I’ve been doing the full-exposure option for weeks now and I’m really seeing some results. It’s funny, I used to go to those fake tanning salons, but I never thought of using the sun’s energy to darken my skin color. I don’t know how they do it, but they really harness the power of the sun.”

Justin Hamilton, 23: “I’m a college student so I’m on a budget. New Age Tanning’s limited-exposure option is pretty cheap and I can afford to do it at least twice a week. It’s been a few months and I haven’t really gotten any tanner, but I’m sure it will happen soon.”

David Wright, M.D., 46: “I’m a dermatologist and have always thought over-exposure to sunlight causes skin cancer, but the sun-power scientists at New Age Tanning really helped me to understand that this is not the case.”




New Age Tanning would also like its customers to know that they have initiated a new campaign in which you pay only for the specific body parts that you would like tanned. For example, Dan Jeffries (pictured on left) specifically asked for an upper body tan and only had to pay half price!!





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