Cosmo’ Magazine Retracts Article: Lesbians Actually Just Picture of Jonas Brothers

A recent article by The Onion (click here for article) reported the following public responses to Cosmopolitan magazine’s first-ever published sex guide for lesbians, “28 Mind-Blowing Lesbian Sex Positions.” (Click image for enlarged view)


Although many men were looking forward to seeing “hot lesbian pictures” in a magazine that they could “discreetly look at in the grocery store,” the editors of Cosmo recently issued a retraction to the article due to technical errors. Although the cover appeared to show a group of lesbians, upon further analysis, experts concluded that it was actually just the Jonas Brothers.

Despite this, the spokesman for Cosmo stated not to worry because the next issue will include the promised article about lesbian sex tips and will be chock-full of great pictures for straight men, gay women, and other generally confused people who have not yet chosen their desired gender for sexual exploration.

In the meantime, Cosmo readers might enjoy the following sex-related books:

Make your own sex toys!!


Sexual positions that generally do not work: A guide how not to have sex


3-Way Wanda: The Insatiable Sex Machine
(Actually this one is kinda fucked up you might not want to read it)


Yeah I’d skip this one too


And lastly, the spooky classic, The Haunted Vagina


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