Man jogging listens to Brittany Spears just a little too loud

6cfeb83d4f4b6bc5623b66a9efa286cfLocal jogging enthusiast, Brendon Talbert, was reportedly listening to music on his iPod while jogging earlier today at volume so high that others could clearly hear his taste in music.

One jogger stated, “That guy must really love Brittany Spears. Every time he passed me I could hear Brittany singing that God-awful Oops I Did It Again song or that hit me baby one more time shit. I mean come on, even my 13-year-old daughter thinks that stuff is horseshit.”

Other joggers stated that they could also see Mr. Talbert singing along to some of her lesser known songs, such as I Will Still Love You and Soda Pop. Mr. Talbert was also seen stretching prior to his run, which consisted of performing the choreographed dance to the song Toxic. 

Although Mr. Talbert denies such claims, records from his iTunes account confirm that he has listened to the song Soda Pop 1,342 times and he also pre-ordered every Brittany Spears album for the next 12 years. Mr. Talbert has also been spotted in the front row of several concerts, such as Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Katy Perry, and Kelly Clarkson.

On a related note, that girl that he has always liked at his running trail has officially stated that she will never date him or look in his general direction.


Editors note: If you noticed that Britney Spears is spelled incorrectly in the title of this article, you are no better of a person than Brendon Talbert.

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  1. “Oops I did it again”….ahem what, what was that you were saying? I did not notice the spelling mistake.

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  2. “Even my 13 – year – old daughter thinks that stuff is horseshit.”
    Hahaha. Awesome.

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  3. Very funny…..

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